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End of the Year

In the states May was always a crazy month–end of the school year, etc.  Imagine combining May with the November/December holiday season.  That is Namibia.  Their school year is ending this Friday and there is every kind of end of school program coupled with the Christmas program and birthday parties.  Most Namibians flee the harsh Namibian sun and go to the coast during December so if your child has a birthday in December or January you had better have the party in November or no one will be in town to come.  Windhoek supposidly becomes a ghost town during December/January and even some grocery stores close for a vacation.  This is hard for me to understand since I am coming from Wal-mart country where Wal-Mart is ALWAYS open except on Christmas Day!  I am looking forward to having a break though.  Paul and I were talking tonight that we are feeling very “pressed” and need some good sleep.  Miss Susan is sending us away to a very cool game lodge Saturday and Sunday and we can’t wait.  The Lord’s timing is perfect adn we are looking forward to some rest, relaxation and big game spotting.  I will post some pictures when we get back.  If you want to check out where we are going, it is called Erindi Game Lodge. 

Audrey and Charlie are stars in their Christmas play at school and the teachers laugh that Charlie is often a “falling star” since he gets tired of practicing and falls to the ground in a heap.  I can just imagine!  Anyway I had to make their costumes out of silver lame.  I am a hack seamstress so this was a hard assignment especially since the fabric pulls and puckers like crazy.  I am sure there is a trick to sewing with that type of fabric since I examined the other star costumes and none of them looked like mine.  Oh well!  Since Charlie will most likely be a falling star no one will see where the neck of his costume is fraying!

Chapman is having his 8th birthday party on Friday and is having a paintball war.  Paul will be supervising and all I need to do is make sure they have food and drinks.  This may be the easiest birthday party we have ever done and I know all the little boys are looking forward to it.  We sure would like to import some boys from the US too! (Corbin, Caleb, Grayson, Terry, Max, Josiah, Luke and Cooper we sure miss you!)




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Monday I was so sick that I didn’t get off the couch all day and slept through the night.  Annelise and Chapman went to school so that left Audrey and Charlie at home.  Fortunately Susan stepped in and took them to her house.  She calls her house THE ROCK (yes, as is Alcatraz) and she is definitely a match for anything Charlie can think of to do wrong.  The day went well and when the big kids got home I had Annelise go get the little kids so Susan could have a break.  Charlie proceeded to be horrible so he was returned, kicking and screaming, to THE ROCK.  Susan let him scream, gave him and bath and he behaved the rest of the afternoon down there.  When Paul came home from work Charlie came back to our house and announced that he had had a bath and that Miss Susan had put “Manpowder” all over him.  He was very proud about his manpowder and wanted to know why I never put it on him.  I guess I need to buy some manpowder and I think I will find it on the baby aisle under its common name of babypowder.


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Clap Competition

Last week was also Audrey’s first gymnastics competition.  It is called a clap competition since they aren’t really old enough to compete but their coach wants to get them ready for what a real competition is like.  Audrey was thrilled that it was her turn to be the one being watched instead of watching her older brother or sister at their activities.  I think we did her hair at leat twice before we left the house since she was so worried that it would look just right.


Audrey and her fellow gymnasts

Audrey seems to think that the faster you do a routine the more points you get!  This strategy didn’t work out too well for her as she fell off the beam.  She was so eager to get to the end so she could raise her hands and greet the judges.



I think the biggest reason Audrey was so excited about this competition was that she knew she would get her very first medal.  She came in 2nd (out of 3) for her age group and has worn the medal every since.  It has been to church, AWANA, the mall, the grocery store, and school.  She told us that she even let some of the kids at school touch it.  Paul and I laughed at her “generousity.”


The medal!

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Audrey’s first lost tooth!

Well, the big news from last week was that Audrey has officially lost her first tooth.  It had been hanging there for what seemed like forever since she was so afraid that pulling it would hurt.  She would tell us that her mind wanted to do it but her stomach was nervous.  I really miss our friend Martha for things like this.  She was our families official tooth puller since I have a phobia about anything to do with teeth.  For those of you that knew me in high school, it all started when Duke (my brother) had his 2 front teeth literally ripped out and I was the only one home! 


Gap tooth grin

Thankfully Miss Susan came and helped and the tooth is out!  Audrey is so proud!  At our house we had the Tooth Mouse who would come and pay you for your tooth that he would use for the bricks of his castle.  Audrey thought this little game was too boyish so she insisted that the Tooth Fairy come and get hers!  She knows her daddy is the one who pays for the teeth but we had to play along! 

Charlie is oh so jealous about Audrey having this new revenue source so he has been trying to think of ways to make his teeth fall out.  We have tried to convince him that his time will come and he will be making money on his teeth long after all the others are done but for some reason this is of little comfort to him!


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