Audrey’s first lost tooth!

Well, the big news from last week was that Audrey has officially lost her first tooth.  It had been hanging there for what seemed like forever since she was so afraid that pulling it would hurt.  She would tell us that her mind wanted to do it but her stomach was nervous.  I really miss our friend Martha for things like this.  She was our families official tooth puller since I have a phobia about anything to do with teeth.  For those of you that knew me in high school, it all started when Duke (my brother) had his 2 front teeth literally ripped out and I was the only one home! 


Gap tooth grin

Thankfully Miss Susan came and helped and the tooth is out!  Audrey is so proud!  At our house we had the Tooth Mouse who would come and pay you for your tooth that he would use for the bricks of his castle.  Audrey thought this little game was too boyish so she insisted that the Tooth Fairy come and get hers!  She knows her daddy is the one who pays for the teeth but we had to play along! 

Charlie is oh so jealous about Audrey having this new revenue source so he has been trying to think of ways to make his teeth fall out.  We have tried to convince him that his time will come and he will be making money on his teeth long after all the others are done but for some reason this is of little comfort to him!



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2 responses to “Audrey’s first lost tooth!

  1. Martha

    I am so thankful that Miss Susan was there to handle the job. Way to go Audrey!

  2. Sue Kellogg

    Audrey, congratulations! I’m sorry to be so slow responding to your glorious news. By the way, this is such a significant event that I saw an entire photographic expo at the Denver Airport devoted to other children with a tooth or teeth missing!

    With love,
    Mrs. Sue

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