Clap Competition

Last week was also Audrey’s first gymnastics competition.  It is called a clap competition since they aren’t really old enough to compete but their coach wants to get them ready for what a real competition is like.  Audrey was thrilled that it was her turn to be the one being watched instead of watching her older brother or sister at their activities.  I think we did her hair at leat twice before we left the house since she was so worried that it would look just right.


Audrey and her fellow gymnasts

Audrey seems to think that the faster you do a routine the more points you get!  This strategy didn’t work out too well for her as she fell off the beam.  She was so eager to get to the end so she could raise her hands and greet the judges.



I think the biggest reason Audrey was so excited about this competition was that she knew she would get her very first medal.  She came in 2nd (out of 3) for her age group and has worn the medal every since.  It has been to church, AWANA, the mall, the grocery store, and school.  She told us that she even let some of the kids at school touch it.  Paul and I laughed at her “generousity.”


The medal!


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