Monday I was so sick that I didn’t get off the couch all day and slept through the night.  Annelise and Chapman went to school so that left Audrey and Charlie at home.  Fortunately Susan stepped in and took them to her house.  She calls her house THE ROCK (yes, as is Alcatraz) and she is definitely a match for anything Charlie can think of to do wrong.  The day went well and when the big kids got home I had Annelise go get the little kids so Susan could have a break.  Charlie proceeded to be horrible so he was returned, kicking and screaming, to THE ROCK.  Susan let him scream, gave him and bath and he behaved the rest of the afternoon down there.  When Paul came home from work Charlie came back to our house and announced that he had had a bath and that Miss Susan had put “Manpowder” all over him.  He was very proud about his manpowder and wanted to know why I never put it on him.  I guess I need to buy some manpowder and I think I will find it on the baby aisle under its common name of babypowder.



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3 responses to “Manpowder

  1. Martha

    I love Charlie stories because I love Charlie.

  2. Brooke

    So sorry to hear you were sick, but glad that you sent the kiddos to Susan and could sleep.
    My mom used “man-powder” so much on my kiddos that I started to become allergic to it. It must be a generational thing. In fact my Grandma always had a powder tub with a puff by the shower. Some folks in Florida brought it with them to the beach and that was a way to get the sand particles off your feet in order to put on your shoes. Go figure. Miss you

  3. So, we’ve decided that it is time for you to move back to NWA. We miss you and feel that you have been gone long enough. Really. So let us know when we can meet you at the airport for your welcome home party.

    (Max’s birthday party is next Friday at Gymnastics Joe’s. Can Chapman come?)

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