Day Trips

As promised, here is a little look at the day trips we took with my parents when they visited us for Christmas in South Africa.

Trip #1

Trip #1 was supposed to be a meandering drive through some mountains to see a few waterfalls and then a BBQ at the base of the waterfall.  Total drive time was estimated to be about 3 hours roundtrip.  The reality was a teeth jarring, 4×4 required nauseating adventure with NO waterfalls with total drive time at 6 1/2 hours roundtrip.  We were literally on the edge of a cliff for most of the drive which was ok until another car coming in the opposite direction needed to pass you.  My parents had a super attitude about the whole thing.  We kept joking that the waterfalls had to be around the next curve in the road, the next mountain, etc.  The area we were in is experiencing a drought so the promised waterfalls haven’t been running.  Paul’s brother is the one who planned this trip.  We thought he had been there before so we trusted his time estimates and the other details about the trip–come to find out Henk had never been there before either!  So new family rule #1–only go on day trips with people who have actually been to the destination before.  We finally stopped beside the road for a BBQ only to discover no one brought plates, chairs or any utensils so we ate T-bones with our hands.  Our kids were not very impressed!  The scenery was beautiful though.  We saw some orange and other citrus orchards and my dad claims that alone made the drive worth it.

A citrus orchard

The kids desperate attempt to be rescued!

Some beautiful everlastings

The happy couple BEFORE the treck up the mountain pass!

All in all, the trip was a success in that it gave us a lot to laugh about later.  All of our bottoms were sore and my mom kept hitting her head on the ceiling of the car so I am sure she had a few bumps there too.  The geology was beautiful and my dad kept assuring us that the rocks looked like waterfalls should be there.  I guess we could always go back when it has rained but I think I might let others go and come back and tell me about it.



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3 responses to “Day Trips

  1. Oh I am so glad you have posted. I missed you and am praying for you!!!

  2. Stephanie

    great picture of your parents!
    hoping you will keep posting–we miss you and it’s great to read what is going on!

  3. Love reading your posts. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. Hope you’re all well!

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